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Let’s end discrimination in Ohio law. Together.

The Ohio Constitution does not contain an Equal Rights Amendment. This means that Ohioans are not constitutionally protected from discrimination by our State and local governments because of race, sex, pregnancy status, sexual orientation, disability, or other attributes. Instead, we must rely on an ever-changing, unreliable legislature to protect our rights. ​

Ohio Equal Rights is working to change this via the citizen-led ballot initiative process. Our proposed amendment, Equality of Rights Under the Law, would be the most comprehensive equal rights amendment in the nation, ensuring that our State and local governments never infringe upon our rights as Ohioans.


Equality of Rights Under the Law would limit the Ohio legislature's power to discriminate against Ohioans. It would protect citizens from discrimination based on race, color, creed or religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy status, genetic information, age, disability, recovery status, familial status, ancestry, national origin, or military status 

Who Are We?

Ohio Equal Rights is a Political Action Committee run by citizens from Northeast Ohio.

We are currently building support and spreading the word about the initiative. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in helping, please contact us at

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